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Helping You Exceed Expectations

ELITE Global Talent Programme (EGTP) is a passport programme with which different levels of students, who are with different background and complete the programme, can get access into EICC’s degree and non-degree programmes at different levels. EGTP is designed, developed and delivered by Professor Richard Li-Hua, Founder of the theory of China Embracing Innovation and Founder and President of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge. With integration and the sublimation of the essential knowledge of 4 ELITE College of EICC, EGTP is offered as the core programme as extra curriculum for the enhancement of the student journey in addition to the degree and non-degree programmes within ELITE Global Colleges around the world.

ELITE Global College (EGC) is a brand name and an academic arm for global outreach and delivers the vision of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC). ELITE is an acronym of E-Learning of Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Leadership in global higher education. The four colleges: Innovation College, Technology College, Entrepreneurship College and Leadership College that we have established based upon the 15 years of accumulation of global academic resources provide extra liberal arts curriculum to our degree and non-degree programmes and qualifications that we deliver for the enhancement of student journey which delivers alongside our degree awarding power universities.

EGC drives EICC’s unique learning experiences through the collaboration with our world-wide global-local partners and delivery centres which serves as EICC offline delivery centres and provides face to face learning environment for EICC learners to engage with EICC global academic staff and local tutors. EGC is a unique model that allows partners passionate about e-learning, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership to join EICCs global delivery networks. The EGC supports students who, by joining EICC courses both online and offline, are driven to be the ELITE Global Talent in the 21st century. 

ELITE Global Talent Programme (EGTP): Our Mission
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  • Integration of world-class research with business and management practice

  • Integration of business management with enterprise, technology and innovation

  • Blending western management theories and practice with eastern philosophy

  • Providing holistic education via reframing Oxbridge model

ELITE Global Talent Programme (EGTP): Our Philosophy



This programme will enable

  • To develop you with a range of global attributes with innovative thinking, strategic thinking, independent thinking and critical thinking

  • To develop you with entrepreneurship and employability skills required by the 21st century workplace

  • To become a global leader with resilience

  • To become an ELITE global talent



This programme will

  • Provoke you to think strategically, flexibly and critically on live projects

  • Nurture and develop you into a responsible and engaged global leader

  • Inspire you to master innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and leadership

  • Motivate you to become more innovative and entrepreneurial with resilience

  • Be a spring board for you to become a fully-fledged global competitor

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ELITE Global Talent Programme (EGTP): About Us
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ELITE Global Talent Programme will be able to develop learners with a range of global attributes, innovative thinking, strategic thinking and different sets of entrepreneurship and employability skills at different stage of the studies.

ELITE Global Talent Programme (EGTP): About Us


  • Addressing Global Issues with Global Innovation Solution

  • Understanding MOT and International Technology Transfer

  • From Local Entrepreneur to Global Entrepreneurship

  • Developing Global Mindset and Leadership with Resilience

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ELITE Global Talent Programme (EGTP): About
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All learners will be evaluated through a range of formative assessments during the teaching and delivery. The assessment will be arranged via ELITE Global Colleges. Our global faculties and facilitators will be able to discuss your queries during the study of the programme. At the end of the programme, all learners are required to prepare a report/portfolio/presentation to demonstrate their learning, reconfiguration, and reflection. Feedback will be provided by our global facilitators.

ELITE Global Talent Programme (EGTP): About Us


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ELITE Global Talent Programme (EGTP): Contact

EICC currently has the following ELITE Global Colleges (EGC) globally:

1.Cambridge, UK, Headquarter

2.Zhuhai, China – EICC Global Operation Centre

3.Guangzhou, China- Guangzhou University of Technology and Business

4.Zhengzhou, China – Zhengzhou Xias University

5.Xi’an, China – Xian Peihua University

6.Ankara, Turkey – Anatulian Education, Turkey

7.Sousse, Tunisia – University of Sousse, Tunisia

8.Niamey, Niger – Tunisian International University

9. Kuwait City, Kuwait - ITDC, Kuwait 

10. Lalitpur, Nepal – Dibyabhumi Multiple College Affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

Supporting Your Global Vision is Our Passion.

We look forward to engaging with you. To apply the programme at EICC, please send your CV to:

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