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 We offer holistic education with refraiming Oxbridge model during and in the post COVID-19 era.  We are proud of our co-branded name and structure AGORA O2O Structure with INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP between ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC), UK and Trinity Western University (TWU), Canada, along with the University of Law (ULaw) and Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), UK.

Agora, a Greek word, means a public space used for assemblies and market. The literal meaning of the word "agora" is "gathering place" or "assembly".

We carry forward the footprint, education ethos and quality assurance of our partners with the strong features of education of innovation management, technology management, global entrepreneurship, and global leadership of EICC when we deliver the co-branded structures. These structures, which are co-branded and consolidated with global academic recourses between our partners, for the enhancement of student’s journey, are delivered via AGORA O2O Structure with our ELITE Global Colleges.

We continue to deliver our legacy and carry forward our footprints, our research philosophy and educational ethos and stress the organic and intrinsic linkage among attributes and/or factors between and among innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and leadership and their complementarities. Hence our globally-connected university with strong features has been underpinned by the four pillars to enhance the student journey and employability:

  • Innovation

  • Technology

  • Entrepreneurship

  • leadership

Our teaching and learning pedagogy is to explore how competitive advantage and unique set of knowledge and skills can be delivered through strategic management of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and global leadership and the organic linkages between and among them in business and management education and management practice.

By using our past experiences and global academic resources, we make every endeavour to convert this special knowledge into general education knowledge in the liberal arts education delivered though our well-crafted teaching and learning pedagogy in our well-established FOUR Colleges

  1. College of Innovation

  2. College of Technology

  3. College of Entrepreneurship

  4. College of Leadership

These Colleges, which were built on line with a headquarter in Cambridge, are led by our esteemed global Professors/Deans, connecting our ELITE Global Colleges - Offline Delivery Centres/Campuses with our global partners around the world where tutorial, coaches, forums, seminars, workshops are undertaken.

Such a niche that we are creating demonstrates that we are making a difference in the global higher education. 

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