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ELITE Global College (EGC): Welcome

ELITE Global College (EGC) is a brand name and an academic arm for global outreach and delivers the vision of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC). ELITE is an acronym of E-Learning of Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Leadership in global higher education. The four colleges: Innovation College, Technology College, Entrepreneurship College and Leadership College that we have established based upon the 15 years of accumulation of global academic resources provide extra liberal arts curriculum to our degree and non-degree programmes and qualifications that we deliver for the enhancement of student journey which delivers alongside our degree awarding power universities.

Further, an online to offline (O2O) structure pioneering education platform that challenges the traditional ways of learning, coupled with prestigious academic quality, global engagement, and strategic collaboration with worldwide local partners, is what differentiates EICC from conventional higher education.

EGC drives EICC’s unique learning experiences through the collaboration with our world-wide global-local partners and delivery centres which serves as EICC offline delivery centres and provides face to face learning environment for EICC learners to engage with EICC global academic staff and local tutors. EGC is a unique model that allows partners passionate about e-learning, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership to join EICCs global delivery networks. The EGC supports students who, by joining EICC courses both online and offline, are driven to be the ELITE Global Talent in the 21st century. 

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Students can join EICC programmes and courses globally and access to the course materials online and supported by esteemed global professors and engaged with experienced academic tutors via synchronised and asynchronized teaching and learning activities.

In addition to online learning, students are also attending timetabled face to face classes on campus in one (or more) of the EGC and have opportunity to meet with local academic tutors and facilitators. The local academic tutors will help support students with assessment related queries as well as enhance students’ understanding on the courses through active off-line engagement and learning activities such as group project, role-play, presentations, debate forum, team building, case studies and industrial visits etc.

The fusing of both online and offline teaching and learning strategies will help EICC learners to not only develop their soft skills in terms of strategic thinking, independent thinking, critical mindset and self-awareness, but also help learners to enhance their global mindset, embracing innovation and resilience capabilities.

EICC currently has the following ELITE Global Colleges (EGC) globally:

Cambridge, UK

Zhuhai, China

​Tunis, North Africa

Guangzhou, China

Zhengzhou, China

Xi’an, China

Istanbul, Turkey

Ankara, Turkey

Dubai, UAE

Sousse, Tunisia

Niamey, Niger

We are seeking to collaborate with new global-local partners who shares our vision and work together to develop, inspire and develop future global talents.

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