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Our Research and Innovation Strategy

Our Research and Innovation (R&I) strategy focuses on the evolution and development of innovation theory and philosophy, management innovation, concept innovation, theoretical innovation, social innovation, system innovation and technology innovation.

We also focus on the contemporary issue of global leadership, strategic management of technology and innovation, technology management, transfer, leapfrogging, foresight, innovation. It provides comprehensive support and encouragement throughout the R&I life cycle and contributes to the betterment of society, education and development.

Our R&I strategy helps to develop and sustain the global opportunities for the College to carry out our footprint, increase our visibility, enhance the quality, global reach and impact.

Research and Innovation: About Us


The phrase of China Embracing Innovation was coined in 2016 by Professor Richard Li-Hua. The theory, which was firstly published by him in Chinese language by Tsinghua Management Review in 2016, subsequently in Outlook China, Enterprise Management, United Nations Chronical  with over 30 papers in both Chinese and English, and further extended to a monograph in the end of 2017 by China Enterprise Management Publishing House, Beijing, (ISBN 978-7-5164-1617-4), entitled as “China Embracing Innovation Leads to the Future”, has greatly aroused the interest and appraisal of politicians, academics, innovators and entrepreneurs in the global community.   The theory has been established from a global perspective, a historical and philosophical angle and a strategic management perspective. It is based upon the author’s 30 years of observation of global challenges, rapid changes between East and West, his longitudinal academic research on China’s technology and innovation strategies,  competitiveness and sustainability, economic development trajectory so as to resolve the paradox of China's economy with sustained, high-speed and stable development within 40 years, so as to analyze the root of China's social, political, economic and environmental sustainable development, and to explain the path of China's peaceful rise. 

What is it?

China embracing innovation is a strategic model and a new paradigm of the wise who are seeking common development, sharing resources and a win-win solution. It is a social innovation. It refers to a novel and innovative solution to a complicated social problem. The solution is more distinctive, effective and efficient, better, equitable and sustainable than the existing approach. At the same time, it creates value for the benefit of society as a whole. The essential elements, also regarded as the four pillars of the embracing innovation theory, are as follows: a. embracing contradictions, b. heading with the times, c. seeking common ground while maintaining differences, and d. creating harmony and tolerance. These four pillars support and complement each other.

The value system of “embracing innovation” can be summarized into four "integrations": 

  • an integration of prescriptive strategies with emergent strategies.

  • an integration of the planning economy with the marketing economy. 

  • an integration of eastern and western management theories and philosophies. 

  • an integration of different cultures and civilizations. 

It is more reflected in the superstructure and ideological field. It contains two levels: 

First, it refers to concept and philosophy innovation, designed as a top guide to break the shackles of the spirit and helps problem-solving. It delivers social and political sustainability; Second, it refers to innovation of technology and management, which balances the innovation strategy between indigenous innovation and imitative innovation and helps to build a solid economic foundation and sustainability. The two levels of “embracing innovation” are complementary to each other, which makes the “embracing innovation” a soul of national progress and world development, an inexhaustible power of the national prosperity and world peace.

It is important to explain theoretically the peaceful rise of China to the world. China embracing innovation has led the delivery of China's political, social, economic and environmental sustainability. It is the strategic approach to China's peaceful rise; it cracked the curse that the rising power is bound to challenge the ruling power. The trend of civilization is not conflict, but inclusive, integrative, mutual respect, mutual appreciative. This innovation theoretically responds to the "clash of civilizations". China's peaceful rise avoids the Thucydides trap.

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