Successful Global Event with Launch of Centre for International Technology Transfer in Africa

Strategic Theme for February 2022:

E-learning of Innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and leadership in the global higher education in Africa

News report of EICC Global Innovation Webinar (GIW) Series

25th, February 2022

On the 25th of February 2022, EICC Global Innovation Webinar was held successfully via Zoom Meeting Conference Room. Hundreds of participants around the world attended this webinar and we got excellent feedback and comments.

This Webinar is continuously co-organized by United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), Research Centre of Technology Innovation, Tsinghua University(RCTI), and China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT), and is hosted by ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC), United Kingdom.

One of the most outstanding features of this Webinar is that we along with our academic partner, Tunisian International University, officially launched the Centre for International Technology Transfer in Africa (CITTA)witnessed with the global audience.

The distinguished speakers include Professor Richard Li-Hua, Founder of China EmbracingInnovation theory and a world-known scholar on international technology transfer, Dr Ridha Rejeb, Founder and President of the Tunisian International University, Ms.Pinar Akkaya, Founder and Managing Director, Signature Communication, UK, and Ms. Else N.Effange-Mbella, Minister Plenipotentiary of Foreign Affairs, Cameroon, who shared their new perspectives and thought-provoking ideas in E-learning of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and leadership in the global higher education in Africa.

Prof. Richard Li-Hua

Founder and President of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge

At the beginning of the Webinar, Professor Richard Li-Hua, the founder and president of CAMOT and ELITE Innovation College Cambridge gave his warm welcome remarks to the participants and the distinguished speakers. He expressed that the 21st century is anera of reflection, reconfiguration and re-consideration, an era that calls for great wisdom and great strategy, inclusiveness, to have an open mind and to be forward-looking. He wrote this in 2016 at UN Chronicle when he published his article china Embracing Innovation Leads to the Future. He pointed out that this statement today during the pandemic is more relevant than ever.

“Technology transfer is widely recognized as the acquisition, adaption, and use of technological knowledge by an individual, group or society other than the one who developed the technology. It has been a subject of considerable interest to many groups, such as government policymakers, international funding agencies, business executives, and university presidents/vice chancellors because of the close relationship between technology transfer and economic growth. For the founders of both institutions, we have a strong interest in technology transfer as we are not only concerned with the development of our academic institutions but also the economic growth of the local economy where we are”. Professor Li-Huafurther elaborated.

Research evidence shows that international technology transfer, a two-way process, not only works from the developed to the developing, from the West to the East but also works from the North to the South. What is needed urgently is to raise the awareness and necessity of international technology transfer in the African Continent. Therefore, we are calling global attention to international technology transfer and innovation in Africa.

Professor Richard Li-Hua further highlighted the significance of ELITE and the relation between ELITE and E-Learning in Africa. Whatis ELITE? ELITE is an acronym of E-Learning of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

EICC is privileged to be a strategic partner of United NationsAcademic Impact (UNAI). Over a decade, we have been successfully organizing international conferences and forums with global universities, including Tsinghua University (CAMOT Conference2014 Beijing) and University of Cambridge (CAMOT Conference2016 Cambridge) and University of Law (University President Forum 2021London) with university presidents, vice-chancellors, deans, experts, scholars, government officials and doctoral candidates in the field of higher education participated in the events.

Distinguished Speakers:

Dr Ridha Rejeb

Founder and President of Tunisian International University

Dr Ridha Rejeb, Founder and President of Tunisian International University, showed a video about his University of Sousse UPS in Tunisia, including the laboratories, faculties and schools, and innovation incubator. Also, he shared a video of international Tunisian University (ITU), including the facilities and schools as well as academic partnerships and industry partnerships. He also shared short videos about the School of Engineering and International Business School.