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co-construction, knowledge sharing and win-win solution

On April 22, 2021, ELITE Innovation College Cambridge and Sias University in Zhengzhou signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for strategic cooperation.

The two parties will work together in the promotion and delivery of the education of innovation and entrepreneurship in the institutions of the global higher education and in the direction of delivery of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Symposiums or Forums and Women Leadership Symposiums or Forums, make efforts immediately for the promotion and design, development and implementation of the bespoke Sino-foreign joint running school, and identify strategic research, innovation,technology, entrepreneurship and global leadership [ELITE] agendas and areas of corporate and executive education.

This strategic cooperation promotes both parties to gain a more favorable position in the global higher education and the global economy, tackling challenges and opportunities in the areas of the global higher education and the economic globalization in the post covid-19 era for developing future leaders and managers.

Profile of Sias University

Sias University was founded in 1998, and is the first solely American-owned University in Central China. Affiliated with Fort Hays State University of Kansas, USA, and formerly with Zhengzhou University, it was developed and designed in response to the most current educational demands. It is the first full-time undergraduate university approved by the Degree Committee of the State Council in China to grant both Chinese and American Bachelor's Degrees. Sias is also fully accredited by China's Ministry of Education, and in 2018 it was given approval to function as an independent private undergraduate university.

Combining Chinese and Western educational philosophies, Sias aims to nurture talent and develop sophisticated and specialized individuals that can contribute to the modernization and economic development of China. To achieve these goals, Sias broadens its students’ views and encourages creativity and independent thought among both students and faculty through an innovative curriculum and diverse campus activities, all in a modern and beautiful environment. The participation of foreign faculty members and the use of English-language teaching materials also enhances bilingual communication skills among the students. All this encourages Sias' students to explore global strategies to develop and evolve their problem-solving abilities.

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Profile of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC)

ELITE Innovation College Cambridge was born during the pandemic with a mission to lead and push innovation in education and development. ELITE carries impact and significant connotation. We are privileged to educate students from around the global village. ELITE is an acronym of E-Learning of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship within an O2O innovation university in the global higher education. Almost all the universities and colleges are currently delivering courses online based upon the MOOC experiences since the outbreak of Covid-19. Our intention of establishment of ELITE O2O (online and offline) Innovative Education Platform is an exploration of an innovative education pedagogy of integrating the delivery of students learning experiences and education ethos with a global vision embedded in the teaching and learning strategy built into the technological system of O2O innovation university. Our commitment to excellence and innovation makes studying with ELITE Innovation College Cambridge a rewarding experience.

Such a learning model demonstrates how various features and objectives of an innovative and entrepreneurial university be created, translated, articulated and achieved. The distinctiveness of this model lies in the unique design of delivery mode that is decided not only with the impact of the virus but also by the nature of knowledge, i.e. explicit knowledge is delivered online while tacit knowledge is transferred and transmitted through face-to-face.

Our college in many respects, is regarded as a globally-connected innovative and entrepreneurial university. With our forward-looking global vision, we are well positioned with strong features in the global higher education in the 21stcentury.

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