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Ningbo Innovation Research Institute was officially launched

Promote international technology transfer, promote innovation, and lead innovation:

[China Ningbo Power Source Embracing Innovation Research Institute] was officially launched

[Ningbo Power Source Embracing Innovation Research Institute] was officially launched in Ningbo R&D Park recently.

The establishment of [Institute] is not only bases on more than 10 years accumulation of the experience and resources in innovation strategy consulting of Ningbo Power Source Technology Transfer Co., LTD., but also relies on the strong academic atmosphere, faculty, innovation and research resources of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge, United Kingdom, in order to promote the international technology transfer and high-end technological innovation cooperation, and as well as to enhance the innovation capabilities of Ningbo's core technologies and promote the internationalization and sustainable development of the small and medium-sized enterprises in Ningbo.

Taking this as an opportunity, firstly we should continue to promote international technology transfer, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, actively integrate into the international innovation network, and create new coordinates for scientific and technological innovation. Second, relying on the strong faculty and Innovation and R&D advantages in ELITE Innovation College Cambridge, we need to promote the "Chief Innovation Officer" development programs and further enhance the Innovation and leadership of talents in Ningbo science and technology enterprises.

Third, to promote the implementation of the "Global Innovation Webinar" in Ningbo, which is held by ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC), the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and the Research Center for Technological Innovation (RCTI), Tsinghua University, we should promote the establishment of a global innovation alliance, continue to expand the circle of friends for international cooperation, so as to realize multilateral cooperation in science, technology and innovation, and accelerate the global distribution of innovation resources. And we will continue to expand channels for international cooperation in innovation and science and technology, and vigorously promote the construction of international carriers for innovation, and introduce high-end innovation resources to build international cooperation platforms.

Let’s tell well stories about China and tell well stories about Ningbo. We will use Chinese theories to explain China's practice and make positive contributions to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Ningbo R&D Park

Warm congratulations to Dr. Xuemei, Xu on her appointment as the Dean of Ningbo Power Source Embracing Innovation Research Institute in China!

Dean of Ningbo Power Source Embracing Innovation Research Institute in Ningbo, China

Dr. Xuemei, Xu

Dr. Xuemei, Xu was an associate professor at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Ningbo University. She received her Ph.D. degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and her master's degree in world literature and comparative literature from the Institute of Foreign Languages in Peking University. And she successively teached at the department of the Chinese Languages & Literature in Xinjiang Kashgar Teachers College (now the Xinjiang Kashgar University), and acted as a teacher at the College of International Ecchanges of Ningbo University, and as well as at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Ningbo University. She has been engaged in university teaching and research for more than 20 years, published more than 10 papers, presided over and participated in a number of provincial and municipal school level projects. Besides, she has experiences of working in other industries and rich academic ability, innovation ability and leadership.

Dr. Xu has been very interested in management, innovation management and cross-cultural research for many years and has high attainments, strong sense of responsibility, enthusiasm for work, and strong organizational ability and adaptability. She not only specializes in academic research, but also pays attention to the combination of theory and practice. She is keen to apply academic research and management knowledge to practice. In a word, Dr. Xu has her own unique vision and insight on Eastern and Western cultures, and is willing to export and spread elements of Chinese civilization through certain channels and platforms, so as to tell Chinese stories well.

Ningbo Power Source Technology Transfer Co., LTD.

Developed from Ninghai County Productivity Promotion Center, Ningbo Power Source Technology Transfer Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Ningbo High-tech Zone in 2006. By linking government, scientific research, finance, education and media, it aggregates high-end talents and resources to serve SME innovation sustainable development. Since its establishment, it has successfully served more than a thousand customers of different industries, different scales, different development stages, and different business formats. The “Ningbo Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Innovation Consulting Service Platform” was supported by the National Ministry of Science and Technology’s SME Technology Innovation Fund in 2010. In 2011, the “Ningbo Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Innovation Consulting Service System” was included in Ningbo’s technology service industry demonstration project.

ELITE Innovation College Cambridge

ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC) is an educational institution, think tank and smart platform with a global vision founded by the "Father of Chinese Embracing Innovation" Professor Richard Li-Hua. It focuses on innovation research and is committed to creating a highly innovative feature [ELITE Innovation University Cambridge] in the heart of world innovation. She was founded in September 2015 and is located in the St. John’s Centre in Oxford. Her history can be traced back to 2006 at the International Conference of the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) held at Tsinghua University. A group of outstanding management scholars initiated the China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT). CAMOT was subsequently registered in the UK. Since its inception, ELITE Innovation College Cambridge has successfully held CAMOT International Conferences and China Embracing Innovation Forums at Tsinghua University in China, Cambridge University in the UK, Bournemouth, Lavasier in France and Helsinki in Finland, and has provided customized leadership development, management innovation and executive development and coaching projects. ELITE is an acronym for online learning innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Online to Offline innovative universities in global higher education. We are building four distinctive colleges based on the 15 years of scientific research and innovation accumulated by the [China Association for Management of Technology] (CAMOT) on the technology innovation platform of [ELITE Innovation College Cambridge]. These colleges are closely linked to our offline tutoring centers in selected cities around the world. Through these colleges, at this stage we can build strong competitiveness and core advantages together with other academic colleges of the university. The four special colleges (ELITE) include:

Camot College of Innovation

Camot College of Technology

Camot College of Entrepreneurship

Camot College of Global Leadership

Our efforts to create these colleges are aimed at transforming special knowledge in innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and global leadership into general knowledge in liberal arts education.

For more information about this contract, please contact the news editor:

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