News Report of EICC Global Faculty Event

Updated: Aug 28

We offer holistic education and develop ELITE global talents through reframing the Oxbridge model with Agora ELITE O2O Innovative Structure On 23rd August 2022, ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC) Global Faculty Event was successfully held. Following watching a short EICC brief video, Dr Amira Kaddour, a Senior Scientific Co-ordonator at EICC presentation on A Holistic Education Framework: EICC Agora ELITE O2O Innovative Structure. Professor Richard Li-Hua, Founder and President, EICC, highlighted in his welcome remarks, “Welcome our EICC global faculty from over 10 countries who are attending this wonderful online event. At EICC, you can see the hallmarks of inspiration of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We are thrilled at providing extra curriculum and converting special knowledge of these into generic knowledge in the liberal arts education via our 4 ELITE Colleges. I am pleased that we are here for the exploration of education innovation, global engagement, international partnership, doctoral recruitment, development and supervision with Agora ELITE O2O Innovative Structure in the global higher education, aiming to develop more future ELITE global talent in post COVID-19 Era around the world.”

Virtual EICC Global Faculty Event Following our recruitment and appointment of new academic member of staff, our global faculty team including Professor Jonathan Liu, Vice Provost and Dean of School of Management and Leadership, Dr Abdoulhakem Almhdie, Vice President of Global Engagement, Dr Amira KADDOUR, Paul Palmer, Director of Human Resources Management and Development attended the event along with our recent appointed 15 adjunct professors from around the world. There was heated debates and constructive discussions on how to tackle the opportunities and challenges in the global higher education in the post COVID-19 era.

Professor Richard Li-Hua Founder and President, EICC

Professor Jonathan Liu, Vice Provost and Dean of School of Management and Leadership, EICC

Professor Rodney McAdam

Professor, Dr Adel Sarea

Professor, Dr David Acquaye