Co-construction, knowledge sharing, and win-win solution

On 10th February 2022, at 10:00 am UK Time, Professor Richard Li-Hua, Founder and President of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC) and Professor Ridha Rejeb, Founder and President, Tunisian International University (TIU), jointly signed a Collaboration Agreement (MoA) for an in-depth cooperation between the two institutions in a virtual signing ceremony.

Dr Abdoulhakem Almhdie, Vice President of global engagement of EICC, Akram Mohammed, Chief Operations Officer of EICC, Paul Palmer, Director of Human Resources of EICC, Dr. Wafa Hajri, Vice President of TIU, Dr. Najoua Talbi, Director of ECOGEST Business School of TIU, Dr. Arissa Ghonrassi, Academic Director of SUPTECH School Engineering of TIU, attended this signing ceremony.

Both parties share a vision, with embracing innovation, co-construction, knowledge sharing, and a win-win solution.

Professor Ridha Rejeb, Tunisia International University

Both parties share the global vision of running a school. To make the ivory tower base enlarged and the spire taller. To have reconstruction of education intelligently, with innovation leading the future. Both parties will be working together in leading and promoting educational innovation, providing overall education, holistic education, through reframing Oxbridge model. Mutual recognition of adaptation of the emerging and innovative model in epidemic era:

1. School-running model

2. Education and teaching & teaching mode

3. Teaching mode

4. Counseling mode

5. The principles of joint work

Professor Richard Li-Hua, ELITE Innovation College Cambridge, UK

The two parties have reached an agreement in working together so as to ensure the sustainable development of the Graduate School of Business and a School of Modern Languages of both parties. EICC is going to invite TIU to set up a representative office in Cambridge. TIU is to provide physical office space and invites EICC to set up ELITE College/campus as an offline delivery center (Please refer to the details on EICC website) in Tunisia, including:

- EICC Offline Delivery Centre

- EICC Centre for Excellence

- EICC Centre for Research and Innovation

- EICC Innovation & Incubation Centre

They will work together in running undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes delivered by EICC with its degree awarding power (DAP) - taught degree awarding power TDAP and research degree awarding power RDAP partners.

Dr Ridha Rejeb is very thrilled on this ceremony. “EICC sets good example and leads education innovation and promotes international technology transfer via its excellent innovative research, its Global Innovation Webinars and Global University President Forum. EICC has great advantages in global higher education: a strong academic atmosphere, academic faculties with rich experience, research and innovation, excellent research on international technology transfer, innovation strategy and sustainable development and other resources. We will rely on the tangible and intangible resource invested by both parties and a good foundation for cooperation to promote international technology transfer and high-end scientific and technological innovation cooperation, and enhance TIU’s core academic capacity building and increase its international visibility, and promote TIU’s agenda of internationalization and globalization, working with governmental agencies in Tunisia and Africa.”

“I feel very privileged to work with TIU and Dr Ridha Rejeb and his colleagues. Today the signing ceremony makes a formal starting point of long terms of partnership and long terms of strategic collaboration. Though with its 15 years of history, our ELITE College is a non-traditional, innovative and entrepreneurial one born during the pandemic with a strong mission of leading innovation and promoting innovation. Without compromising the quality of education and enhancing student’s journey, it reframes Oxbridge model in building O2O innovation university. At the same time, we promote innovation and entrepreneurship education between the two parties, two countries, promote cooperation in research and innovation, teaching and learning, promote teachers’ training, foreign teacher recruitment, and mutual establishment of representative offices or campuses in both places. We work together by sharing our global educational resources with TIU, maintaining mechanism innovation, system innovation, model innovation, and management innovation for the contribution to the soft capacity-building of the Colleges.” Professor Li Hua expressed in his remarks during the online signing ceremony.

“There are three meanings of Strategic cooperation between TIU and EICC. The first is for both TIU and EICC to work together for the establishment of [Centre of International Technology Transfer in Africa] in TIU’s Campus in Niger working with governmental agencies in Tunisia and Africa. Taking this as an opportunity to promote international technology transfer in Africa, leveraging the economic growth and sustainable development in Africa, strengthen international scientific and technological innovation exchanges and cooperation, actively integrate into international innovation networks, and create new scientific and technological innovation coordination, actively promote e-learning of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, which is the passion of ELITE College.” Professor further elaborated.

Dr Abdoulhakem Almhdie highlighted, “Not only the demand for international technology transfer and innovation in Africa is huge, but also the demand for new model of education in Africa is huge. However, EICC is very pleased to work together with TIU in promoting international technology transfer and offering holistic education and convenient and affordable education options in Africa.”

Akram Mohammed, Dr. Najoua Talbi and Dr. Arissa Ghonrassi showed great confidence in the strategic collaboration between both parties. Paul Palmer sent his best wishes to this good relationship.

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