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Introduction of Chief Innovation Officer Programme

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Organisations in the 21st century have been facing the strategic challenges as a result of the fast changing global business environment and competitions from business rivals. Strategic management of technology and innovation, and management of change therefore become key for both global business and global higher education. Organizational and political leaders from the East and West also face different challenges in terms of delivering the economic and environmental sustainability and economic recovery and maintaining social stability.

The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic has had a major impact and implication on the operation of the world economy, the global governance system, and the international political landscape and the global higher education. However, from a comprehensive, dialectical and historical perspective, the essential nature of the interdependence of the human society still exists. The basic elements of economic development, the objective laws of the global governance, the global academic impact of universities and colleges and maintaining peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet cannot be completely changed by an epidemic.

How did human society develop? Where is the driving force for development? There is no doubt that the ability of social innovation and technological innovation is crucial. Innovation is the driving force for human development. Conceptual innovation, Theoretical innovation, technological innovation, and social management innovation are all the driving forces that promote the development of human society.

ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC), in many respects, is regarded as a globally-connected innovative and entrepreneurial university. With our forward-looking global vision we are well positioned with strong features in the global higher education in the 21st century.

Built upon the Vision and Missions of EICC, the philosophy of our Chief Innovation Officer programme is to advocate all-round innovation, which combines social innovation and technology innovation and developing future innovative leaders who are able toalign organizational innovation strategy with the corporate strategy, and translate the innovation strategy into deliverable and measurable objectives and goals by developing creativeminds and expanding the innovation capabilities of others within organizations.

For EICC CIO Programme, technological innovation has no doubt played a significant role, the role of social innovation, conceptual innovation and even philosophical innovation that are fundamental to bring about changes in mindsets and the importance of building soft capacities for innovation should not be ignored by organizations. The key issues for all those in charge of C-suit Board room to consider perhaps to broadening the understanding of innovation beyond organizational level and from a comprehensive, dialectical and historical perspective. The essence of global economic development, the maintenance of peace, dignity and equality on a health planet all ultimately rely on innovation from all aspects and at all levels. Therefore, Embracing Innovation from both organizational, historical, dialectical and global perspectives are essential for developing the future CIO.


The EICC CIO programme aims to develop the future CIO who are not only knowledgeable about all aspects of organizational innovation and technological innovation, but also are equipped with the digital transformational skills as well as global leadership and entrepreneurship.

We believe a competent CIO should have following attributes:

- Global vision with an in-depth understanding of global business environment

- Philosophical integration on West and East management and theories

- Constantly engaging innovation for peace, dignity and equality

- Philosophical thinking that beyond organizational innovation

- Embracing Innovation

- Competent and resilience

What’s more, a capable CIO should also demonstrate the following competence and practice

- Be creative, imaginative and innovative

- Be entrepreneurial and influential

- Be responsible and ethical

- Be collaborative and adaptive

The EICC CIO programme aims to developing future innovative leaders from three strategic lens.

- Innovation from the strategic lens

- Innovation from the philosophical lens

- Innovation from the practice lens

Unique Features of EICC CIO Programme

EICC CIO candidates will benefit from its Global Innovation Forum by engaging with hot topics around innovation and gain insights of the latest innovation theories and practice. All candidates will also be allocated innovation mentors who have rich experiences and knowledge in innovation research, policies and practices.

The CIO programme is delivered via blended learning that combines online webinars, tutors and one to one interactions with offline (face to face) seminars in our delivery centres. The modular based design of EICC CIO programme allows learners to complete the programme in a sequential manner with a great deal of flexibility. The three modular are

Modular 1: Innovation Theory, Strategy and Management

Modular 2: Embracing Innovation: A Philosophical perspective

Modular 3: Innovation in Action

For more information about our CIO programme, please email

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