Embracing New Year, New Hight and New Achievement with Innovation and Resilience

2022 New Year Resolution

Good-by to 2021

As 2021 is approaching the end and we are embracing 2022, it is the time again to have a summary of the past year and plan for the new year. With our accumulation of 15 years of global academic resources, with re-branding and consolidation of CAMOT, we launched EICC on 21st November, 2020. 2021 was a hard and challenging year, with many uncertainties of the journey and the pandemic interfere in the daily life, we adapted to the new normal by looking at the screen and met many colleagues and partners around the world many hours a day. One year on we have made tremendous progress towards our goals. In this brief note, I would like to summarize and share with you the following three points:

Firstly, what have we done and achieved? - Our 4 ELITE Dedicated Colleges

To address the various concerns of online learning in the global higher education, we have established ELITE O2O (online and offline) Education Platform with 4 ELITE dedicated colleges, which is an exploration of an innovative education pedagogy of integrating the delivery of programmes, knowledge, contents, and education ethos with a global vision embedded in the teaching and learning strategy. This system demonstrates how various features and objectives of an innovative and entrepreneurial university can be created, translated, articulated, and achieved in a learning organization context. By using our past experiences, academic contents and global academic resources, with continuation of accumulation new academic contents, videos, and presentations, we make every endeavor to convert the special ELITE knowledge into generic knowledge delivered though the O2O structure with our well-crafted teaching and learning philosophy and pedagogy.

ELITE is an acronym of e-learning of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship within an O2O Innovation University in the global higher education. ELITE O2O initiative is a strategic instrument which reforms the traditional approach of class-room based teaching and learning. The distinctiveness of this system is to highlight that the teaching and learning mode is not only driven by the nature of the knowledge that consists of both explicit and tacit elements, but also reinforced by global outbreak of the pandemic. It is no doubt that explicit knowledge can be delivered online while tacit knowledge has to be transferred through face-to-face and social interactions.

EICC was born in the heart of innovation, Cambridge during the pandemic with a strong mission of leading and pushing innovation. With a dual headquarters in Cambridge and Zhuhai and its O2O structure, it demonstrates that it makes a difference. We feel privileged to become strategic partners with University of the West of Scotland (UWS), University of Law (ULaw), United Kingdom and Trinity Western University, Canada, which allow us to deliver their postgraduate and research programmes while we connect with and serve as a graduate school of undergraduate universities around the world via our O2O structure.

Secondly, what do we feel the important characters that we need in the pandemic era? – Innovation, Leadership and Resilience

In this difficult time, what we need mostly are: Innovation, leadership, and resilience through which we shape the world in the global higher education. These words support and compliment to each other.

Our philosophy in this difficult time is that transformational leadership which embraces innovation can bring about strategic change that delivers growth, effectiveness and sustainability. Transformational Leadership means that we need to translate the vision and mission of the universities into deliverable and measurable objectives and goals, develop and implement the corporate strategy and facilitate the execution of the university’s strategy by: 1). building alignment; 2). winning minds by sharing the vision of the organisation and 3). expanding the capabilities of others

Global leadership is a process of influencing the thinking, attitudes and behaviours of a global community to work together synergistically toward a common vision and common goal. We feel that the global leadership plays an important role as we have a team of colleagues from eight different countries with diverse background and expertise working together. We have not only brought global leaders from 8 different countries into EICC global team but also have developed our talents and young leaders with leadership skills and their resilience, their capabilities and skills in dealing with difficulties, hardships and development in the challenging times.

Resilience is an ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes. Rresilience can be defined as the ability – and tendency – to “bounce back”, which is what people do when face disappointment, or mistreatment, or defeat, or failure, but instead of wallowing or letting things keep down, people get back up and continue with their work and lives.

Thirdly, what do we feel proud of in 2021? Global Innovation Webinars and Global President Forum

We have successfully held 6 Global Innovation Webinars (GIW) and the Global University Forum (GUPF) in 2021. All the year round, we are having a global event through GIW in addressing global challenges and opportunities with global innovation solution.

Due to the outbreak of Omicron new variant, with consideration of various factors and challenges particularly the UK government health regulation, and the time difference of all the speakers and participants around the world, the GUPF event was entirely held online via Zoom webinar. The well scheduled offline event with opening and closing ceremony at ULaw, London had to be canceled. However, this did not prevent the event in making a great success. We are very pleased that 42 distinguished university presidents, vice chancellors and government officials from around the world, including Cameron, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Japan, Nepal, Tunisia, UAE, UK, and USA etc. delivered their inspiring speeches virtually during the forum. Over 100 participants via Zoom webinar worldwide from Asia, Europe, America, and Africa etc. participated in this global event. The forum has continually received many excellent comments, feedback and warm congratulations.

EICC GUPF Forum has genuinely become one of the most prestigious and influential grand gathering for the global thinkers and innovators to address the global development trends, opportunities and challenges in the global higher education in the pandemic era.

Look forward to having a prosperous 2022

With our success and the groundwork that we built in 2021, we will continue to carry our academic footprint and the zigzag journey of creating this innovative and entrepreneurial university.

Firstly, we will continue our academic capacity building and the creation of strong marketing position with global visibility by hosting EICC Global Innovation Webinars (monthly) and Global University President Forum (annually) with global likeminded leaders, partner institutions for offline delivery as well around the globe.

We will further consolidate the 4 ELITE Dedicated Colleges by building more inspiring and attracting academic contents through which we convert the special knowledge into generic knowledge in the liberal arts education for the enhancement of students journey.