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ELITE Innovation College Cambridge Celebrates New Academic Year with Commencement Event

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

ELITE Innovation College Cambridge


New Academic Year with Commencement Event

Cambridge, 7th, October 2022 ELITE Innovation College Cambridge, today announces the start of a new academic year with its first Commencement Event.

Mr. Ramu Damodaran, Chief, UNAI, 2010-2021

On Wednesday, 28 September 2022, ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC) held its first Commencement Event in both online and offline format with pre-recorded videos from EICC global students, faculties, and global partners and friends, live at Wolfson College of University of Oxford as well as remotely through Zoom. The event celebrates the start of a new academic year, bringing together global students, staff, and global partners to mark the momentous occasion. Eleven (11) EICC student representatives delivered their short speech in expressing their excitement and happiness in joining EICC and its global partners.

EICC is an educational institution with the mission to reframe Oxbridge Model and a global vision, focused on innovation research, and committed to creating a highly innovative online and offline innovation university in the heart of innovation in the world. EICC is committed to offering students a high quality “O2O” online-offline educational experience.

Agora O2O Innovative Structure Enhances Student Journey

Dr. Prem Sharma OBE, Chairman of the Magna Carta World Peace and Sustainability Foundation delivered his greeting remarks noting that:

“I am a retired Veterinary Surgeon and Chartered Biologist. I studied in India, the UK and the USA, and I have worked in North America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the UK.I am passionate about PEACE and have always been a campaigner for PEACE and better understanding at every level – PEACE between communities within our diverse nations and PEACE between nations. We must go on working until the power of love is greater than the love of power. All these efforts have been linked with on-going work with communities in the UK, as the issues are global. What happens in conflict areas affects the UK and vice-versa. So we have been working with government Departments and educators to produce appropriate materials to bring people together for open-ended discussion.

I am glad to bring you a message of greetings and good wishes on this important occasion. ELITE Innovation College Cambridge intends to offer holistic education through reframing Oxbridge model via Agora O2O Innovative Structure. It enhances student journey along with its 4 ELITE Colleges, including Innovation College, Technology College, Entrepreneurship College, and Leadership College, which are remarkable educational resource for innovation and developing global talents and entrepreneurs. I congratulate your President, Professor Richard Li-Hua, and his colleagues, and I wish you all success in your studies and work together.

Our late Queen Elizabeth II was a wonderful example of peacemaking through her humble service and wise leadership, visiting over 100 countries in her lifetime, developing relationships of friendship and trust with world leaders, and always demonstrating faith and hope. Make it your aim to be an agent of PEACE like her.”

The Efficient, Accessible and Enrich Experiences Lies at the Heart of EICC O2O Model Developed by Professor Richard Li-Hua and His Team.

Professor Phillip Laird, Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President of Innovation & Global and Academic Partnerships at Trinity Western University, Canada, expressed that:

“On behalf of president, faculty, staff and students of Trinity Western University, I am honored to provide comments today, regarding the opening of collaboration between TWU and EICC. My name is Philip Laird, and I serve both Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President of Innovation, Global and Academic Partnerships at Trinity Western University on the west coast of Canada. I am delighted to work with Professor Richard Li-Hua and the team at EICC, as we are working together to develop and expand the O2O Model that Professor Richard Li-Hua has been advancing over the last 6 years.

This Model is expressed upon access and delivery education worldwide through strategic use of online digital systems, recognizing that unique and invaluable experiences that are reached across the globe by face-to-face learning, here is the term of online and offline or O2O. TWU has develop its own version of O2O Model, called the GXP or Global Express Pathway program for students, with which they can receive 2 or more years of their undergraduate degree in the online format from their location all-around of the world via working toward attending TWU face-to-face in Canada to complete their study in person.

The expanded O2O Model in collaboration with EICC, presents an Agora or a deep learning community, where students, faculty and support staff can engage and exchange resource and knowledge in an open place of ideal sharing and rich learning. In the current era, the question we have to ask ourselves that can we become a full human through only online interruption with material? The O2O Model that is advanced by EICC presents a Model that has taken the best of both online and offline learning, creating efficient online learning for knowledge acquisitions, and combing them with efficient and highly intensive offline engagement that provide the students ability to develop the Identity, competence, experience and wisdom to go with their knowledge. This efficient, accessible and enrich experiences lies at the heart of EICC O2O Model developed by Professor Richard Li-Hua and his team and is consistent the learning journey we have adopted at TWU.”

Geely Talent Group and EICC, Hand in Hand, Agile Responds to Global Students' Learning Needs via O2O Model

Prof. Dr. Lu Dan, Chairman and President, Geely Talent Group pointed out in his speech that:

“I am Prof. Dr. Lu Dan, Chairman and President, Geely Talent Group, China. It is a great pleasure to participate in EICC Commencement Event and witness the students embark on a wonderful learning journey.

Our global students are the indigenous people of the Internet age, and we are front-line education practitioners. Geely Talent Group, as a strategic partner of EICC, we are agile to respond to global Students' learning needs via O2O Model. Our collaborative exploration has begun to bear fruit. We will deepen our collaboration to enhance students learning. By enabling the cultivation of compound innovative talents, we help our students to form an inclusive and diverse cognitive approach, to establish a knowledge structure that breaks the boundaries of disciplines, and to promote a highly warm life dream. In this way, we lay a good foundation for students to enter the workplace and live a good life.”

At EICC, we have brought unconventional and unorthodox to human learning contribution.

Mr. Ramu Damodaran, Chief, UNAI, 2010-2021

Ramu Damodaran sent his bless and appreciation in his marvelous speech:

“Dear Professor Richard Li-Hua, as we met the day in Unite Kingdom on September 2008, it is not hard to recall another date, almost a century ago, September 1928, when Alexander Fleming noticed that a culture plate of Staphylococcus aureus he had been working on had become contaminated by a fungus. A mold, later identified as Penicillium notatum (now classified as P. chrysogenum), had inhibited the growth of the bacteria. He at first called the substance “mould juice” and then “penicillin,” after the mold that produced it. Fleming shared the 1945 Nobel Prize. This invention protects the whole world. Can we capture that same spirit and that same energy but in another different context and meet the goal of global peace?

I am impressed to see the global peace, global harmony, energy and creativity EICC has so fully presented and brought in with its 4 Colleges of Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Combining all of these, we can create a new world where everyone can contribute a global order. At EICC, we have brought unconventional and unorthodox to human learning contribution. The challenge has been fully engaged. I thank all of you being part of that adventure. Best Regards.”

Reframing Oxbridge Model with Agora ELITE O2O Structure: Myth or Reality

Founder and Founder of EICC, Professor Richard Li-Hua, was joined by numerous distinguished speakers from around the world and his colleagues at Wolfson College, Oxford University, who shared their excitement for EICC’s commencement event. Professor Li-Hua delivered his address with title< Reframing Oxbridge Model with Agora ELITE O2O Structure: Myth or Reality>, please find more on EICC President Blog through the link:

“We are proud that we have pioneered Agora ELITE O2O Innovative Structure. We offer holistic education through reframing Oxbridge model. We are very privileged to have strong connection with Oxbridge with the state of art of technology and world class collegial, inspirational and academic ambiance and environment. Agora, a Greek word, means a public space used for assemblies and market. The literal meaning of the word "agora" is "gathering place" or "assembly". In our term, the “gathering place”, is not only physical but also virtual, which means online and offline. ELITE is an acronym of e-learning of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship within an O2O Innovation University in the global higher education. The strategic intention of establishment of Agora ELITE O2O Innovative Education Platform is an exploration of an innovative education pedagogy of integrating the delivery of programmes, knowledge, contents and education ethos with a global vision embedded in the teaching and learning strategy built into the technological system of O2O university. The Agora O2O demonstrates the important feature – One O sits in Oxbridge while the other O sits globally.

Stanford University was founded in 1885 and rebuilt after the devastating 1906 earthquake and it became the world-famous Stanford today. Henley Business School was set up in 1945 during the Second World War at Henley-on-Thames and it became a global known institution today. ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC) has been known as “the little peach tree borne in Tsinghua in 2006 and grown up and settled in Cambridge in 2014”. However, our college was re-launched in late 2020 during the pandemic, which has a strong capability of survival.

Dear students, I encourage you to do what you love and what you believe. I have confidence on everyone of you together we are creating this university and make a difference. When you have a dream, you can amend it as needed but never give up.

Profile of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge(EICC):

ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC) is a British Educational Institution that provides undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes with our co-branded academic partners, and executive education, workshops, conferences, and seminars in various subjects, locally, internationally, and globally, working with Partners in the United Kingdom, Asia, Africa North America and the Middle East.

ELITE is an acronym of E-Learning of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC) was consolidated and re-created. Still, its history can be traced back to 2006, when a group of outstanding management scholars launched CAMOT[1] during IAMOT [2] International Conference in Tsinghua University.

IAMOT [2] International Conference at Tsinghua University

The four colleges: Innovation College, Technology College, Entrepreneurship College and Global Leadership College that we have established based upon the 15 years of accumulation of global academic resources. The colleges provide an academic arm of EICC, as well as extra liberal arts curriculum to our degree and non-degree programmes, and qualifications that we deliver for the enhancement of student journey which delivers alongside our degree awarding power universities.

Four colleges of EICC

Further, our Agoura ELITE O2O Innovative Structure is what differentiates EICC from conventional higher education. This structure is based upon the education of innovation and entrepreneurship, delivered through a novel platform that challenges the traditional ways of learning. Coupled with prestigious academic quality, global engagement, and strategic collaboration with worldwide partners, EICC provides significant value to its students.

EICC Headquarter at St. John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Our strength lies in our innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that underpins a holistic educational framework and a unique pedagogy with online capabilities to create a focused and flexible environment for our learners. This environment combines online learning and offline delivery centres in cities around the world, which extends access to provide engaged social learning experience. This learning model combines explicit and tacit knowledge transfer that is entrenched in human learning behaviour and contributes to the delivery of an enriched and enhanced student experience.

EICC Headquarter at St. John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom

In addition, EICC's global research and engagement, which includes EICC’s Global Innovation Webinar series and the Global University President Forum, develops and sustains worldwide higher education, research and global engagement, creates globally connected learning and practice communities so as to enhance the learning journey and student experience. We are privileged to be a strategic partner of United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI).

Over a decade, we have been successfully organizing international conferences and forums with global universities, including Tsinghua University (CAMOT Conference 2014 Beijing) and University of Cambridge (CAMOT Conference 2016 Cambridge) and University of Law (University President Forum 2021 London) with university presidents, vice-chancellors, deans, experts, scholars, government officials and doctoral candidates in the field of higher education participated in the events.

We are also honored to be Agora co-branded strategic partners with Trinity Western University (TWU) in Canada, along with University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and University of Law (ULaw), Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) in the United Kingdom. We are also in the delivery of degree and non-degree undergraduate, postgraduate, and taught & research programmes in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

We look forward to having sincere cooperation with like-minded people and institutions to meet the opportunities and challenges of global higher education in the epidemic and post-epidemic era. Leading educational innovation and promoting educational innovation together.

[1] China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT).

[2] International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT).

For more information about us, please read our website:

For collaboration, please contact our Global Engagement Office at:

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