ELITE Global College in the Middle East


ELITE Global College (EGC)/EICC Offline Delivery Centre having presence in the Middle East

On 19th May 2022, Professor Richard Li-Hua, Founder and President of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC), United Kingdom, and Dr. Amal, Founder and President of I-Tech Development General Trading Company and Educational Services, (ITDC), Kuwait, jointly signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement. Both parties shared an exciting vision in tackling the challenges and opportunities for developing future leaders and managers in the post COVID-19 era.

Strategic Collaboration Signing Ceremony Between EICC And ITDC

According to the agreement, they will make efforts immediately for the promotion and design, development and implementation of the bespoke ELITE Global College (EGC)- EICC ELITE Global College/Offline Delivery Centre, including Doctoral Delivery Centre and Centre of International Technology Transfer in the Middle East (CITTME) in Kuwait City, where EICC’s degree and non-degree programmes including EICC bespoke Executive Development Programmes (EDPs) are delivered online and offline in the Middle East.

Both parties will make efforts immediately for the delivery ofEICC EDPs both in Kuwait City and Cambridge, including

  • Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

  • Global Leadership for Women (GLW)

  • Transformational Leadership Embraces Innovation (TLEI)

  • Leadership in Global Higher Education (LGHE) over the Summer of 2022.

The parties agree to jointly host online and offline [Global Innovation Forum] and [University Presidents Forum] in Kuwait and the UK.

Professor Richard Li-Hua

Founder and President of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC), United Kingdom

Dr. Amal, Founder and President of I-Tech Development General Trading Company and Educational Services, (ITDC), Kuwait

Dr Abdoulhakem Almhdie, VicePresident of Global Engagement of EICC

Akram Mohammed, Chief Operations Officer of EICC

Dr Ali Sobhy from ITDC

Profile of I-Tech development General Trading Company and Educational Services (ITDC)

A cutting-edge training centre established in 2006 and based in Kuwait. Founded under the principles of development, success, and innovation, ITDC seeks to adhere to these principles in all its activities. The Institute started out as a local training center, but soon it expanded its services regionally and internationally, on the basis of its distinguished services, programs and high calibre and professional trainers.

ITDC realizes that while there are many training centers in the region, not all of them offer efficient training consultancy services. ITDC training consultancy ranges from meeting basic need such as offering in-house tailored courses (to meet your specific demands) or to work as a platform to staff your own in-house training team.

Moreover, its “train the trainer” program provides business solutions such as providing the training programs for your company’s own in-house trainers to meet your expectations and qualifications.

Student recruitment programs of searching for prospective students and encouraging them to apply for the educational programs around the world.

Profile of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge(EICC):

ELITE Innovation Colle