ELITE Global College in Nepal


ELITE Global College (EGC)/EICC Offline Delivery Centre having presence in the South Asia

On 22th May 2022, Professor Richard Li-Hua, Founder and President of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC), United Kingdom, and Professor Pramod Shah, President of Dibyahbumi Multiple College (Affiliated to Tribhuvan University), (DMC), Nepal, jointly signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement.

Strategic Collaboration Signing Ceremony Between EICC And DMC

1. EICC ELITE Global College-Nepal, South Asia

Both parties share the global vision of globalization of running a school. To have reconstruction of education intelligently, with innovation leading the future. Both parties will work together in leading and promoting educational innovation, providing overall education, holistic education, through reconstructing the Oxbridge model and to have mutual recognition of adaptation of the emerging and innovative model during the pandemic and in the post-epidemic era.

According to the agreement, the two parties have reached an agreement to work together to ensure the sustainable development ELITE Global College. DMC will provide physical office space and invites EICC to set up its ELITE Global College, Nepal, South Asia, including:

  • EICC Offline Delivery Centre

  • EICC Centre for Excellence

  • EICC Centre for International Technology Transfer in South Asia

  • EICC Innovation & Incubation Centre or its Campus

2. Articulation Arrangement for Students Exchange and Summer School in Cambridge

As for the Graduate School established by both parties in Cambridge, EICC will concentrate on serving DMC in terms of future discipline development and professional development. Taking DMC’s discipline development direction as its direction, EICC will select relevant programmes and enable DMC’s outstanding undergraduates to achieve masters and PhDs through the articulation education. Early this summer, the relevant programmes would be available from EICC Global University Alliance partners for the time being:Trinity Western University (TWU), CanadaBy a co-branded model of strategic collaboration – FAR Centre and GXP Programming (total 30 programmes) including but not limited to:BA in Leadership - InternationalBA in Psychology with Human Services BA in Sport & Leisure ManagementBA in Corporate CommunicationBA in Media and CommunicationMA in Educational LeadershipMA in LeadershipMA in Leadership - Business Stream in MandarinUniversity of Law (ULaw), UKMA EducationMSc Corporate Financial ManagementMSc Cyber Security and Data GovernanceMSc Global AccountingMSc Project ManagementMSc Strategic Business ManagementMSc Business AnalyticsMSc Corporate Governance and EthicsMSc Cyber Security ManagementMSc Innovation and EntrepreneurshipMSc Leadership and Human Resource ManagementMSc MarketingMSc Investment and TradingEICC Cambridge Summer School (ECSS) for DMC students is available from the coming Summer.

3.Opportunities for Staff Exchange, Staff Development and Visiting Scholars

Both Parties will make efforts in developing opportunities for staff exchange, staff development and visiting scholars from DMC, teacher training, for the enhancement of DMC teachers' teaching and research level, joint papers, presentation and joint publication, joint seminars and workshops, professional level improvement, English proficiency improvement and academic promotion, for the enhancement of the internationalization of DMC.In conjunction with EDP programmes with ITDC, Nepal, and SPI, Portugal, EICC bespoke EDP Programmes, including the followings are available for colleagues/staff over the Summer of 2022.

  • Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

  • Global Leadership for Women (GLW)

  • Transformational Leadership Embraces Innovation (TLEI)

  • Leadership in Global Higher Education (LGHE)

4.The parties agree to jointly host online and offline [Global Innovation Forum] and [University Presidents Forum] in Nepal and the UK.

Both parties shared an exciting vision in tackling the challenges and opportunities for developing future leaders and managers in the post COVID-19 era.

Professor Richard Li-Hua

Founder and President of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC), United Kingdom

Professor Pramod Shah, President of Dibyahbumi Multiple College (Affiliated to Tribhuvan University), (DMC), Nepal

Profile of Dibyahbumi Multiple College (Affiliated to Tribhuvan University), (DMC)

DMC (Dibyabhumi Multiple College), affiliated to Tribhuvan University, member of United Nation Academic Impact (UNAI), was established in 2014 with a view to provide quality education to all the needy students here in Nepal. This college is run by the innovative and creative talents who understand the pace of time and introduce the very recent and useful ideas to the students and help them learn in an effective and quick manner. It promises to provide the students a very strong and reliable platform to explore and develop the potentials in the students.

DMC is established with an only view to create more civilized humanity that contribute to the formation of a peaceful and prosperous world, and thereby easily hand on a better world to the coming generation. In order to materialize this goal, we believe that only a meaningful education filled with professional efficiency and moral responsibility can help. DMC along with the university text books has developed its own curriculum so as to update the students with the trends and demands of the changing time.We are also teaching the students the subjects such as Leadership Skills, Social Entrepreneurship, Global Citizenship, Critical Thinking, Creative Writing, Core Skills, Digital Design, Videography, Proposal Writing, Foreign Language Classes, MOOC Courses and so on. So, that the students could understand they are digital and global citizens and they have to fulfill the global responsibilities. Dibyabhumi Multiple College from its establishment has been providing guest lecture classes in which the experts from various fields, even the retired ones share their work experiences of their area. These classes have been proved quite fruitful to instill in the students organizational and professional knowledge and motivate them to do something good for the betterment of the society they live in.

Dibyabhumi Multiple College with the active participation of the st