EICC Hosting VIP Guests, at its Headquarters, ST Johns Innovation Center, Cambridge

On 29th July 2022, Professor Richard Li-Hua, Founder and President of ELITE Innovation College Cambridge (EICC), and his senior colleagues with warm welcome hosted VIP guested from PCET Foundation, India and University of Law, UK at EICC Headquarter, ST Johns Innovation Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Professor Richard Li-Hua shown guests around the well-equipped teaching and learning facilities and the academic and entrepreneurial environment at St Johns Innovation Centre. These visits by EICC’s partners have consolidated the strategic relation between EICC and its strategic partners. “It is a great honour to welcome and host Dr Janhavi Inamdar, Director of International Affairs, PCET Foundation, India, and Vassilis Konstantinou, Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Law and Jennifer Luan, Director of International – China and Asia at EICC, St Johns Innovation Centre, Cambridge. St Johns Innovation Centre is a launch pad for global firms, colleges and universities, where you can see the hallmarks of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and leadership – That is ELITE stands for. At EICC, we not only focus on the quality of teaching and learning, study skill and employability, but also concentrate on innovative thinking, entrepreneurship and the enhancement of study journey”. In the morning, based upon the signed MOU, Professor Richard Li-Hua, welcomed Dr Janhavi Inamdar, both parties had in-depth discussion and exchange on the specific collaboration projects in 2022-2023 academic year.

In the afternoon, based upon the previously signed MOU, both parties had excellent and in-depth discussions of the next step of the strategic collaboration in 2022-2023 academic year in terms of recruitment, application and admission, teaching and learning, etc. Both parties share a great vision on tackling the challenges and opportunities in the global higher education in the post COVID-19 era. Professor Richard Li-Hua and Vassilis Konstantinou opened EICC-ULaw online and offline conference in addressing the strategic and operational issues.

Jennifer Luan, Director of International – China and Asia, Ulaw and Akram Mohammed, Chief Operations Officer of EICC joined the dialogue in person at the meeting room in St Johns Innovation Centre. And EICC’s global team attended this meeting online, including Dr Abdoulhakem Almhdie, Vice President of Global Engagement, Dr Amira Kaddour, Associate Vice President of Global Engagement Paul Paul Palmer, Director of Human Resources and YY Zang, Executive Assistant to President and Associate Director of Global Engagement, EICC.

About PCET Foundation, Pune, India: