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A humble start: “A little peach tree born in Tsinghua but grown up and settled in Cambridge”

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

The globally-connected innovation university

born during the pandemic

with a mission to lead global innovation

Our Story and its Evolution

On 21st May, 2006, I felt very privileged to work and have conversation with a group of outstanding management scholars from the west and east at the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) International Conference delivered at Tsinghua University. Then we launched China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) – Please refer the photo taken during the launch. CAMOT was subsequently registered in the UK and settled in Cambridge. In the absence of government funds, with the founder’s firm vision, perseverance, global responsible leadership with resilience and a strong small global team, as well as great support from and collaboration with United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), and many world-class strategic partners, universities and government agencies around the world, including University of International Business and Economics, 2008, Shanghai University, 2010, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2011, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2012, Tsinghua University, 2014, China, La Rochelle Business School, 2015, France, Cambridge University, 2016, UK, etc., CAMOT, as an academic institution, has gradually established its global reputation by successfully hosting ten (10) CAMOT international conferences and launched six (6) international academic journals (English version) on studies of contemporary China. These initiatives and activities have generated significant global impact and the accumulation of global academic resources, which laid the solid foundation for the further development of the organization.

Photo taken on 21st May, 2006, Tsinghua University, from left to right. Professor Max Van Zedtwitz, former Professor in Tsinghua University, Professor Guisheng WU, former Director of Research Centre of Technology Innovation, Tsinghua University, Professor Huijiong WANG, former Vice President of Academic Committee, Development Research Centre, State Council, PRC, Professor Tarek M.Khalil, founder of International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT), University of Miami, USA, Professor Yasser Hosni, former Vice President of IAMOT, University of Central Florida and Professor Richard Li-Hua, Northumbia University Newcastle, United Kingdom.

In September, 2015, with our excellent research resources on innovation studies, we founded Camot Academy Cambridge at St John Innovation Centre, Cambridge with a research focus on innovation strategy, social innovation and technology innovation, as well as theoretical innovation. In the meantime we started offering bespoke corporate and executive development programmes, leadership development and coaching programmes (EDP), and delivery of China Embracing Innovation Forums in Bournemouth (2017 and 2018), and Stafford (2019) with local government, UK and in Helsinki (2018), Finland. We focused on the delivery of a global vision with a paradigm of "West meets East" in our delivery of programmes, conferences, symposium, forums and webinars and we highlight green and sustainable development, and constantly build global network and accumulate global academic resources with global responsible leadership.

Photo taken during the 2016 CAMOT Conference, Cambridge University

On 1st June, 2020, we started the journey of creating a globally-connected ELITE O2O Innovation University of the future. ELITE is an acronym of e-learning of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship within an online and offline (O2O) university in the global higher education. I felt very much honored to deliver my keynote speech as a signal of formal start of our journey in creating this innovative university at China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) Annual International Conference, 22nd, November, 2020 - Perspective of ELITE O2O Innovation University: A Great Transformation and Revolution in the Global Higher Education in Post COVID-19 Era along with my close friends and colleagues, vice chancellors of universities in the UK and senior official from the UN who support this initiative.

Our story known as the “little peach tree born in Tsinghua but grown up and settled in Cambridge”. We are proud of that our Founder and Co-founders who have a strong connection with Tsinghua and Cambridge and who are from both public and private universities from UK, US and China.

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