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Dec 2020

On 8th December, 2020, following the recent announcement of launch of the creation of ELITE O2O Innovation University by Professor Richard Li-Hua, Founder and President of Camot Academy Cambridge, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for strategic partnership and collaboration was signed between Davis College in the USA (DC) and Camot Academy Cambridge (CAC), Cambridge, UK.

About Davis College

Founded in 1858, Davis College continues to provide excellence in career training for many students in Toledo, Ohio, which is located in northern part of Ohio State, atthe western tip of Lake Erie, embraced with humid weather and safe community. It provides multiple degree and certificates programs including Medical Administrative, Accounting and Human Resources, Business Management, etc., and Intensive Language Program. Davis College is also committed to helping students smoothly transfer to top universities across the United States and Canada through rigorous academic courses.

Mission of Davis College

Davis College’s mission is to provide marketable skills that enhance the employability of our graduates. We serve the community by offering quality career programs and services that meet the ever-changing needs of workplace industries. We get students marketable skills and experiences that can make them highly valuable to employers, all in under 2 years.

Accreditation and Approvals

Accreditation by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) means we have attained high standards for innovation and excellence in career-orientated education. Davis College is registered with the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools (State of Ohio Certificate of Registration No. 81-02-0731B), with programs authorized by the Ohio Board of Higher Education. Our Real Estate program is approved by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Real Estate. In the meantime, Davis College has been recognized by the Ministry of Education in China.

Camot Academy Cambridge (CAC), a think-tank and brain-platform with a global vision in the creation of ELITE O2O Innovation University of the future, focusing on innovation study, was founded in September, 2015, at St John Innovation Centre, Cambridge, which can be traced back to 2006 when a group of outstanding management scholars launched China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) at the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) International Conference delivered at Tsinghua University. CAMOT was subsequently registered in the UK. CAC started offering bespoke corporate and executive development, leadership development and coaching programmes, along with the delivery of CAMOT International Conference and China Embracing Innovation Forums very recently in Tsinghua University, Cambridge University, Bournemouth and Stafford with local government, UK and in Helsinki, Finland. CAC concentrates higher education delivery and development with a paradigm of "West meets East" and highlights green and sustainable development, and constantly build global network and accumulates global academic resources and strategic alliances with a global responsible leadership. 

The signing of the MoU confirms that both parties will work together in joint-running school and delivery of programmesin US, Canada and UK and in the direction of achievement of a university title with taught degree awarding power (TDAP) in the UK, or US or Canada. 

Both parties will work together in validating or re-validating new programmes that can be recognized by and can be topped up to universities in the UK. Both parties will work together in marketing, recruitment, and promotional events to target a moderate increase of the student number and the diversified student body for the delivery of financial sustainability. Both parties will proceed with the proposal for Davis College to have presence in the UK hosted by CAC in Cambridge in order to make Davis a strong corporate brand and for Davis students to have mobility and study experience in the UK, and or USA and or Canada. 

“I am delighted to work together with Camot Academy Cambridge and join the journey in creating the globally-connected ELITE O2O Innovation University. I appreciate very much of Professor Li-Hua’s education ethos of a global vision with a paradigm of west meets east in the global higher education. We share such a great vision in tackling the challenges and opportunities in the global higher education in the 21st century. I am delighted that Davis College grows gradually and can be extended to Canada and UK within a short period of time. We are trying to achieve auniversity title soon  by working together with CAC in Cambridge”. Professor John Han, Chairman of Governing Council of Davis College highlighted in his remarks in the virtual signing ceremony.

Professor John Han

“I am delighted work together with Camot Academy Cambridge in creating synergy. At Davis College, we try our best to deliver excellence and enhance the student journey and benefit students all around. Forover 100 years, our primary goal in the college is to develop students into full-fledged talents for society. I am delighted that our students get opportunities to study in Cambridge in the UK in the near future.’’ Diane Brunner, President of Davis College expressed in the virtual signing ceremony.

Ms Diane Brunner

“I feel very privileged and honoured to work with Davis College which has over 100 years of history with a great brand and global reputation. I am delighted to welcome Davis College to settle in Cambridge hosted by CAC. I would like to make my commitment that we will carry forward of the footprint of Davis College with integration of Camot 15 years of Legacy". Professor Li-Hua commented.

Professor Richard Li-Hua 

“In terms of the roadmap for working together in the near future, we could validate a few more associate degree, market-driven programmes which can be topped to the final year in the UK universities for the diver sification of the student body.”

“We are creating four Colleges connecting to our offline delivery centre around the world on our innovation university platform, through which we build a strong feature and niche of the university along withother academic schools, including:

  • Camot College of Innovation

  • Camot College of Technology

  • Camot College of Entrepreneurship

  • Camot College of Global Leadership

In order to convert the special knowledge of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and global leadership, into generic knowledge in liberal art seducation.”

This un-traditional, innovative and entrepreneurial university was born during the pandemic with a mission. The educational and learning lose of the students during the university closures is not temporary. Many negative aspects, such as, the curbing of educational aspirations, the disengagement from the university system and absence from the familiar academic ambience on campus will have a long-term impact on students’ journey and learning outcomes. 

“Our strategic intention of creating this university with an innovative teaching and learning pedagogy is with consideration of all these issues properly attended”. Professor Li-Hua, the founder of China Embracing Innovation theory, responded to the remarks of John and Diane during the virtual singing ceremony.

The signature of the MoU confirms that the two parties are working together in creating synergy.

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