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6th Dec 2020

On 4th December, 2020, following the announcement of launch of the creation of ELITE O2O Innovation University by Professor Richard Li-Hua, Founder and President of Camot Academy Cambridge, an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for strategic partnership and collaboration was signed between UK and China Culture and Education Development, UK and Camot Academy Cambridge (CAC), Cambridge, UK. 

The UK-China Culture and Education Development (UCCCED aims to build a communication and development platform to promote the exchanges in the fields of education and culture between China and the UK, and to strengthen the introduction and collaboration of education and culture between China and the UK.

Ms. Wei Yingcai, the Founder of UCCED, is also the President of the British Guangxi Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BGOCCC) and the President of the British Guangxi Federation of Associations (BGFA). The British Guangxi Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce aims to promote the economic and trade development of the United Kingdom and Guangxi, to unite Chinese in the British business community, and play the role of the bridge and link of the Chamber of Commerce to serve and contribute to everyone.

Camot Academy Cambridge (CAC) was founded in September, 2015, at St John Innovation Centre, Cambridge, which can be traced back to 2006 when a group of outstanding management scholars launched China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) at the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) International Conference delivered at Tsinghua University. CAMOT was subsequently registered in the UK. CAC started offering bespoke corporate and executive development, leadership development and coaching programmes, along with the delivery of CAMOT International Conference and China Embracing Innovation Forums very recently in Tsinghua University, Cambridge University, Bournemouth and Stafford with local government, UK and in Helsinki, Finland. CAC focuses higher education delivery and development with a global vision with a paradigm of "West meets East" and highlights green and sustainable development, and constantly build global network and accumulate global academic resources with global responsible leadership. 

“We are delighted to work together with CAMOT Academy Cambridge for the creation of the ELITE O2O Innovation University and delivery of China Embracing Innovation Forum along with China-ASEAN in Nanning.” The pandemic has profoundly impacted the global higher education, however, the elite O2O university will address the challenges and opportunities as a whole by integrating a technology innovation system in the university. “In the meantime, we welcome Professor Richard Li-Hua to launch China Embracing Innovation Forum in Nanning along with China-ASEAN Expo, in particular, after the signature of RCEP, which means, the largest free-trade zone which involves 30 % of the world population and contributes 30% of the world GDP. China's story has attracted worldwide attention. Sharing the development experiences and innovation opportunities with the world is China’s intention and the world looks forward to it. Telling China's story well is a prerequisite for the world to accept China.The recent signing of RCEP brings us excellent opportunities for the two initiatives which enjoy the preferential policy and government incentive, to materialize and develop gradually in Nanning” Ms Wei, who is the Founder UCCED and President of BGOCC stressed during the virtual signing.

“I am pleased that the strategic and structural design of the elite O2O innovation university aims to convert the special knowledge, including innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and global leadership into generic knowledge through an innovative teaching and learning strategy and enhance the student journey. In the meantime, it helps to narrow the gap between what is delivered in university and what is needed in society so as to enhance employability and the percentage of students who can become entrepreneurs and set up their companies for the creation of more jobs”. “China Embracing Innovation Forum and the delivery of China Embracing Innovation Theory will fit well in Nanning with the global economic impact of RCEP countries and regions”. Dr William He, an education expert and the co-founder of UCCED, commented. 

“I feel very much privileged and honoured to work together with UCCED.  I am very pleased that the ELITE Innovation University (of the future) born in Cambridge, can settle in Nanning. I have noticed the global economic impact and significance of the signing of RCEP. However, the development of higher education sector in the RCEP countries and regions is un-balanced.” It is an opportunity for CAC to create this innovation university with its global academic resources so as to contribute to the social and economic development in the region. 

“This an un-traditional and innovative university is born during the pandemic with a mission”. The educational and learning lose of the students during the university closures is not temporary. Many negative aspects, such as, the curbing of educational aspirations, the disengagement from the university system and absence from the familiar academic ambience on campus will have a long-term impact on students’ journey and learning outcomes. “Our strategic intention of creating this innovative university is with consideration of all these issues properly attended”. “The trend of development of the human society is peaceful development and peaceful rise with embracing innovation. In many ways, embracing innovation is regarded as innovation for peace. I will be very pleased to share my innovation theory with much wider international community through China-ASEAN Expo”. Professor Li-Hua responded.

The signature of the MoU confirms that the two parties are working together in creating synergy.

ELITE O2O Innovation University born during the pandemic with a mission: News
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