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Changing the World

Our colleges of ELITE are a collection of self-sufficient communities of scholars providing social and academic support for students. We named our colleges as CAMOT as we have 15 years of cumulations of academic resources since CAMOT was born in 2006.

Technology is a strategic tool to achieve economic goals and create wealth. At present, digital transformation is the key and basic support for the development of the entire society. It is related to upgrade industrial supply capacity, cultivate new national competitiveness. How to improve R&D research and innovation capabilities, accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises, and promote digital R&D have become an important issue in the company. In addition, Effective use of data and technology to manage and report on enterprise risks is a top priority that differentiates leading businesses.

The courses, such as, management of technology, project management, in our College of Technology are specifically designed for students with a technical background so that they can play a responsible leadership role in a technology-based workplace. The course provides in-depth preparation for the skills of MoT, innovation strategy, technology strategy, technology transfer, technology forsight, project management, etc. Students will learn modules such as technology management, new product development, and strategic management, all of which support the long-term goal of establishing innovation and productivity levels within the organization. The program aims to provide content on how to support internal R&D in the enterprise and help the students understand the chain of technology in the enterprise to the greatest extent.

We deliver large scale lectures/demonstrations and transmitting explicit knowledge online while we conduct small-group teaching sessions, providing tutorials and/or supervisions offline. We foster critical thinking and independent analysis through individual preparation, i.e. reading, thinking and writing, then engaged participation in presentation/debate for teasing out and transmitting tacit knowledge.

College of Technology: About

Professor Fred Philips

Honorary Dean of College of Technology

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Here to Help Students Grow

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Honorary Dean of College of Technology

Dr. FRED PHILLIPS is currently on faculty at University of New Mexico in the USA, and at Tongji University in Shanghai. He isthe 2017 winner of the Kondratieff Medal, awarded by the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is President-Elect of ACIEK, a society of innovation and entrepreneurship scholars, and he coordinates TANDO, a think-tank recently spun out of the University of Texas at Austin. Fred is a Fellow of PICMET, the Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology.  

Earlier, Fred was Distinguished Professor at Yuan Ze University in Taiwan; Program Chair at State University of New York at Stony Brook; Visiting Scientist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing; Vice Provost for Research at Alliant International University; Associate Dean at Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands); and Dean of Management at Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology.  

In the USA and overseas, he has been a leader in developing graduate management curricula for employees of international and high-tech companies. His contributions in operations research include "Phillips' Law" of longitudinal sampling, and the first parallel computing experiments with Data Envelopment Analysis. He is co-recipient of grants totaling $5 million from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research for the study of Japanese technology management practices. He brought many other grants to IC2, OGI, MSM, YZU and Stony Brook, and was co-principal investigator on a $1 million NSF project, developing advanced information systems for the US Forest Service.  He has won several awards for outstanding research. 

Dr. Phillips is Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Elsevier’s international journal Technological Forecasting & Social Change (impact factor 5.846). He authored the textbook Market-Oriented Technology Management (Springer 2001), the popular title The Conscious Manager: Zen for Decision Makers (General Informatics 2003), a book on high-tech economic development, The Technopolis Columns (Palgrave 2006), and What About the Future? (Springer 2019).   

In earlier years he held teaching, research, honorary, or management positions at the Universities of Aston and Birmingham in England, General Motors Research Laboratories, Market Research Corporation of America, Battelle-Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, CENTRUM Católica in Peru, and National Chengchi University in Taiwan.   

Dr. Phillips has been a consultant to such organizations as Intel, Texas Instruments, and Frito-Lay Inc., and has consulted worldwide on technology based regional development. Through his consulting firm, General Informatics LLC, he and his team have worked on projects for World Bank, UNESCO, and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Fred is a founder of the Austin Technology Council, and was also a Board member for the Software Association of Oregon. He is a popular op-ed columnist and panel member in forums dealing with trends in management, technology, higher education, and economic development. 

Dr. Phillips attended The University of Texas and Tokyo Institute of Technology, earning the Ph.D. at Texas (1978) in mathematics and management science. Married to Sue Phillips since 1979 and with two grown daughters, Fred enjoys his mission as an educator. His avocational passions are aikido, Argentine tango, travel and writing. 

College of Technology: Faculty

Mr Shatrughna Sinha 30.04.2021

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Mr Jim Dong 30.04.2021

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Dr Li Pengde 30.04.2021

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Dr Simon Duan 25.06.2021

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Engineering Education in China

Professor TU Shandong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Former Vice President of East China University of Science and Technology, China

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The transformation was already on the way prior to the onset of the epidemic

Dr. Vera Jelinek, Divisional Dean, Center of Global Affairs, New York University, USA

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