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Changing the World

Our colleges of ELITE are a collection of self-sufficient communities of scholars providing social and academic support for students. We named our colleges as CAMOT as we have 15 years of cumulations of academic resources since CAMOT was born in 2006.

Our College of Entrepreneurship focuses on the education of entrepreneurship and the generation, implementation and development of business ideas and projects. The entrepreneurship college provides advanced theories and instructs students to directly apply them to the college’s internal incubator from day one, and it can strengthen business cooperation among alumni to launch entrepreneurial projects, so as to stimulate students to think, decide, and be qualified as experts and entrepreneurs.

The founding partners of Entrepreneurship College have a long history in the global higher education and are committed to innovative industries. The college focuses on personalized education and contemporary courses, such as business psychology, business analysis, digital technology, and environmental change and management. The college provides direction for the next generation of revolutionaries. Preparing for a rapidly changing future by providing tools and opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge to its current reality, our college will help you discover and create opportunities from the beginning. The only thing you need to bring is the willingness to become an entrepreneur. From the first day, you can start to develop your own business: In the incubator, study with course coaches and carry out entrepreneurial projects under the guidance of business coaches.

We deliver large scale lectures/demonstrations and transmitting explicit knowledge online while we conduct small-group teaching sessions, providing tutorials and/or supervisions offline. We foster critical thinking and independent analysis through individual preparation, i.e. reading, thinking and writing, then engaged participation in presentation/debate for teasing out and transmitting tacit knowledge.

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Professor Shawn Carraher
Dean of College of Entrepreneurship

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Here to Help Students Grow

Professor Jonathan Liu.png


Vice Provost and Founding Dean
School of Management

Professor Jonathan Liu is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Ming-Ai (London) Institute and he researches in Entrepreneurship, Venture, Heritage and Performance Management. His teaching topic topics include Strategy, Leadership, Fund Raising and Heritage Management.  Jonathan is the founding Dean of the School of Management and Leadership, and Vice Provost at Elite Innovation College Cambridge. He is an adjunct Professor with the University of Wales, Trinity St David where he supervises research students.  Jonathan is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Business Performance Management with Inderscience Publishers. He is on the Council of the National Conference of Universities Professors, a Council member of the Universities China Committee in London, and a Council member of the British Academy of Management where he is also the Chair of the Special Interest Group in Performance Management.

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