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January 1, 2023

How did human society develop? Where is the driving force for development? There is no doubt that the ability of social innovation and technological innovation is crucial. Innovation is the driving force for human development. Conceptual innovation, theoretical innovation, technological innovation, and social management innovation are all the driving forces that promote the development of human society. We believe that conceptual innovation and theoretical innovation are primary. Imagine that if there is no conceptual and theoretical innovation in human society, then all other innovations are empty talks, which will undoubtedly stand still.

 Based on 30 years of research on China’s great reform practices, and with a unique perspective on innovation development and management, Professor Richard Li-Hua, the founder of the Camot Academy Cambridge, UK, proposed Embracing Innovation theory, which resolves the paradox of China’s sustained high-speed and stable economic growth in 40 years, explaining the path of China's peaceful rise, and interpreting China's innovation model. We believe that the core connotation of Professor Li Hua's "embracing innovation" theory is that the elements of science and technology innovation and social innovation go hand in hand and complement each other. This is the driving force of national development and the soul of national prosperity.

UN New Media Peaceever TV, on April 21, 2017, in New York, conducted an exclusive interview with Professor Li Hua after he delivered a speech on "Embracing Innovation Leading the Future" to the United Nations Academic Impact Forum. Then, the General Assembly meeting held on April 27 passed Resolution 284 to commemorate the "World Innovation Day" and confirmed April 21 as the "World Innovation Day". This is a coincidence. However, it is inevitable that innovation changes the world and leads the future. And three years later, on June 21, 2020, we cooperated with Professor Li Hua to jointly launch a series of "Embracing Innovation Forum" programs. UNNGO Peaceever TV WPTV provides cloud platform services, and a special "Embracing Innovation Forum" column ( Project Department) was established. Professor Li Hua, who is the proponent of Embracing Innovation theory, was invited as the General Convener to plan, design and implement.

 The content of the "Embracing Innovation Forum" column includes: innovation dialogue, high-profile interviews, innovation and entrepreneurship and other sub-programs. At present, the CAMOT Academy Cambridge in Cambridge, United Kingdom, the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), are in cooperation. We look forward to hearing from Professor Li Hua's "Embracing Innovation" theory from the perspective of the United Nations, for peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet. The program will be presented in the invited countries in the mobile form of "Embracing Innovation Forum". During the epidemic, it will appear in the form of online interactive communication (webinar) of the conference. After the preparation, it will be edited by the production team and then broadcast on the UN new media Peaceever TV, or broadcast live through the "UNNGO Peaceever TV WPTV" cloud platform.This TV program seeks the support from those who share a great vision on innovation, partners, innovators, entrepreneurs, enterprises, universities, government agencies, research institutes, think tanks and other cooperative organizations and sponsors from all over the world. 

China Embracing Innovation Forum: News
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