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“The era of Industry 4.0 has transformed the world that we live in and has generated new opportunities for delivering knowledge, development, life-long learning and holistic education. Our O2O innovative university born during the epidemic has the mission of leading and promoting innovation. The birth of the academic school, such as the School of Management and Leadership is market-oriented and closely follows the development theme of the times.”

Professor Jonathan Liu, 

Founding Dean

School of Management

The School of Management is established on the proposition that we are educating and developing global leaders in a fast-changing business and social environment. The pandemic has accelerated the use of technology and affords new management and leadership theories and practice to be shared in a way not done before. 

ELITE’s four colleges underpinned by our Four Pillars of ELITE Innovation University Cambridge, namely Innovation; Technology; Entrepreneurship and Leadership Colleges seek to provide a bedrock for students reside in and are guided by our global Professors who were former deans, associate deans, presidents and vice presidents. 

By using our past experiences and global academic resources, we make every endeavor to convert this special knowledge into general education knowledge in the liberal arts education delivered though our well-crafted teaching and learning pedagogy in our well-established FOUR Colleges 

  • College of Innovation

  • College of Technology

  • College of Entrepreneurship

  • College of Global Leadership

These Colleges, which were built online with a headquarter in Cambridge.

Such a niche that we are creating demonstrates that we are making a difference.  

Academic staff are housed in Clusters in the School of Management, where they share knowledge and practice applications. These clusters include: 

  1. Accounting, Finance and Banking

  2. Economics and Strategy (including ethics, political and society)

  3. Information systems, computation, and analytics

  4. Marketing, Advertising and Branding

  5. Organisational behaviour, Human resources and people

  6. Operations management, supply chain, and logistics 

Our education is focused on generating students who will poses the following key graduate attributes:

  1. have high emotional intelligence in leadership

  2. be interdisciplinary in thinking and transacting

  3. have multidisciplinary skills and knowledge bases

  4. be job-ready for leadership roles

  5. have the desire and ability to be a leader

Our courses are designed to promote key graduate attributes and a consequence of this is that our teaching and research engagement will reflect what is going on in society. Students have different learning styles and our courses will enable our graduates to operate in a global, digital, fast-moving and smart technology driven world.

We will focus on developing our student’s digital transformation skills including:

  1. data skills (interpretation and data-analytics)

  2. digitization skills (transformation of business models)

  3. personal skills (self-management, project management and creative thinking)

  4. functional expertise (manufacturing process and service management)

  5. technology related skills (cognate and disciplinary knowledge)

  6. social skills (interaction, teamwork, empathy, communications and networking)

Our courses are delivered through a flipped and blended learning approach. Using advanced technologies coupled with non-traditional approaches, our thrust is to create a more engaging and experiential learning environment for our students.

The courses are developed with global content partners that allow us to offer relevant and industry-linked course of learning. Our lecturers are academics who have been practitioners who can substantiate concepts and relate theory to their real-world examples.

Academic School of Management and Leadership: Classes
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