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Are you looking to expand your knowledge in the ever-changing world of business decision-making?

Organisations are increasingly held responsible for their business decisions and there is an ever-growing importance on ethical behaviours and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The Master of Science Corporate Governance and Ethics Online is designed by real world industry experts to provide you with the professional skills and in-depth understanding of the ethical and legal issues surrounding business decision making. You will explore the functioning of corporate governance within an organisation and develop an enhanced understanding of ethical decision-making and CSR.

Our online MSc Corporate Governance and Ethics course enables you to work at the governance heart of an organisation and work across a range of different organisational structures, presenting a dynamic career path.

Graduates from this course will have the knowledge and the skills to understand the importance of ethical business behaviours as well as the current policy trends and developments in company law affecting director and managerial decisions.

The MSc Corporate Governance and Ethics – Online programme can be studied full-time over a 12 month period or part-time over a 21 month period providing flexibility around your commitments.

Optional Placement Year

New from September 2022 – all our Master’s courses will have an optional Placement Year, giving you the chance to practise your knowledge and skills, and enhance your employability. There will be no placement fee charged to students joining in September 2022, however a 20% charge of the full year standard fee will apply from January 2023 onwards

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Our MSc Corporate Governance and Ethics Online course is designed to ensure you gain a comprehensive understanding of the most important concepts in corporate governance in a global context as well as an enhanced understanding of ethical decision-making and CSR. Students will critically assess business activities and decision-making in the context of sustainable economic growth and its meaning to organisations, governments, and society.

The course is delivered by academics with extensive practical experience to ensure that research is combined with relevant real-life application. Students will apply theoretical concepts to real-life case studies in a practice-based environment and will have the opportunity to develop links with employers and professional bodies.

Upon completion of this course, students will be knowledgeable, competent and effective business managers with a strong understanding of corporate governance and ethical business behaviours.

Graduates will be highly sought after by employers as attitudes within the corporate world are changing in line with society.



Choose to study the optional Placement Year for the opportunity to gain significant practical skills and elevate your career. Employers are looking for graduates with a business-ready mind set; this entails an understanding of business ethics and values, self-awareness, mental flexibility and openness, resilience, and a commitment to lifelong learning. 

Should you be unable to complete the full MSc Corporate Governance and Ethics Online programme, you may still be awarded a Diploma or Certificate depending on terms completed.

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All Master’s programmes are integrated with a Professional Development Module, specifically designed to help boost your professional leadership skills and expertise. We will work with you on a Personal Development Plan (PDP) tailored to your career goals, in addition to employment workshops and events.

You will receive individual coaching from a professional coach to help improve your skills within leadership, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, innovation, cultural communication, and growth mindset. We are the only business school in the UK to offer professional development coaching for all our postgraduate students and this is a testament to our dedication to helping you achieve your ambitions.

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Course modules

This course is available Full-Time (1 year) and Part-Time (2 years). For Full-Time study mode students will complete 60 credits each semester and for Part-Time 30 credits each semester.

  • Global Business Strategy (15 credits)

  • Innovation Management in a Digital Age (15 credits)

  • Success Through Business Ethics (15 credits)

  • Finance for Decision Makers (15 credits)

  • International Business Ethics (15 credits)

  • Corporate Governance (15 credits)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (15 credits)

  • Corporate Legal Frameworks (15 credits)

  • Responsibility of Directors (15 credits)

  • Business Project (45 credits)

  • Professional Development (non-credit bearing)



What qualifications do you need?

2:2 or above from a UK Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent qualification(s).

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You will be assessed formally through a mix of individual assignments, group work and Dissertation/Project work.


This course has an innovatively flexible structure, with specific assessments that are conducive to effective learning.



The transformative learning experiences at ELITE Innovation College Cambridge are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational, social, and emotional situations. Our teachers create a safe and open setting where they can help guide students in exploring information and the world around them.

We follow a high academic standard as a guide for the creativity and leadership of our teachers. Our objectives are not set in stone, with occasional revisions developed in response to industry and educational requirements.

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